Tuesday, April 28, 2009

travel tuesday: southeastern idaho

Today we are exploring three towns in Southeastern Idaho- Preston, Soda Springs and Lava Hot Springs. When I was looking at picture of these towns I couldn't help but think that they are a wonderful representation of small town America.

The mountains surrounding Lava Hot Springs and the Portneuf River

The hot pots in Lava Hot Springs, these are pools of natural hot spring water, and they are what Lava Hot Springs is famous for.

Downtown Soda Springs and Alexander Reservoir

Soda Springs geyser, the only man captivated geyser in the world, and an abandoned farm house

I love this picture of the grain elevators and railroad tracks, it does something for me. If you ever travel to southeastern Idaho you must stop in Soda Springs and try the carbonated mineral water at Hooper Springs, try it plain but most people like it some lemonade mix.

Preston, Idaho home of Napoleon Dynamite. They have a Napoleon Dynamite festival every summer at the local high school, I think they filmed a lot of the movie there.

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  1. Oh how I miss the mountains and the big big skies of the west. Gorgeous photos!


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