Monday, April 6, 2009

baby showers

Tis the season of baby showers.

In the world of Evite and e-mail I think we often forget the beauty of real mail. By real mail I mean real invitations, hand written, if you have pretty handwriting. What is more exciting than receiving a beautiful envelope via USPS? I advocate physical invitations.

According to Martha, one must have a theme. While I am not sold on this theory I did like her all white theme. Then I saw the white flowers in the green canister and I amended the shower I am throwing in my head to a green and white shower. With the white theme you could do a variety of sandwiches (like cucumber) and this cake.

This is one of my favorite gift ideas. I also like the idea of embellishing onsies like I saw here and here.

You can showers that other bloggers threw here, here, here and here.

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