Wednesday, April 8, 2009

how do you haircut?

I am terrible at translating the image in my mind to words. So when I go to the hairstylist I will always take a picture of the celebrity whose hair I want to copy for the 4-6 months. Anne Hathaway was my latest inspiration. I think that my hairdresser loves me for making it easier for her to catch my vision. My question for you, how do you haircut? Do you take a picture, do you let the stylist do what they want, do you tell them what you want or do you just put a bowl on your head and go at it? I'm curious.


  1. I always have the same boring style because my hair is soo thick and curly,(Im Italian), I leave it one length..and I get it relaxed..Even with relaxing it I have to blow it out and use a hot flatening iron..I would love to leave it curly, but its not like a pretty spiral curl, its more frizzy, wirely..and I have a small petite frame and face, so my hair gets overwhelming..So, sorry for the rambling, but I just wish I could do so many different styles, but its hard to control..

  2. Great movie inspiration, I love the Devil Wears Prada!
    As for my hair cuts, I was a little caught off guard last time I went because my sister and I just made a split second decision to walk in and get new styles. I pretty much just let the hairdresser do what she thought would look good. I've been to that hair dresser before so I trust them. But no shame in taking a pic with you.

  3. I never know what to do when i go for my haircut. I have been having a hard time finding a hairdresser again that i feel comfortable going to. I have been going back to my old one (which is just so darn hard to get into) and he kind of just cuts it. I tell him sort of what i want but i haven't been able to take a picture. I am scared if i do i will have too much expectation... I always love looking for new haircuts! I am not too daring though..

  4. i use to take in pictures of celebrities until i realized my hair never ended up looking like the picture. now, i pretty much just tell them. long layers that frame around the face and shorten my bangs a bit.

    sidenote: after watching the "devil wears prada" i chopped my bangs like anne hathaway's. not a good look on me. wa wa waaaaaa.

  5. I think that haircut is adorable and definitely versatile. I wish I had done something like that with my hair instead of doing something so severe. :( Hope it turns out well!


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