Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have always steered away from recipes that call for capers, I am not sure why but I associated them with caviar. Well after a quick trip to Wikipedia today I learned that they are in no way associated with caviar or fish for that matter. Capers are actually the pickled buds of the caper plant and according to my trusty source they are similar in taste to olives?? Can any confirm this? Regardless, now that I know there are no seafood connections (not a fan of seafood) I will be trying this recipe, it looks delicious.

photo found here


  1. If "similar to olives" means tangy, and a little salty, then yes. More like good greek olives than the black ones in the little cans....

    They do *pop* in the mouth somewhat, like caviar...but speaking as someone that hates that sensation, capers are so lovely I don't mind it. ;-p

    That recipie looks delish.

  2. They're just little salt blasts. :)


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