Thursday, March 21, 2013

couch inspiration

Please forgive the six months between posts, I blame it on the twins.  And the iPhone.  Getting on a real computer is a rarity these days.

If you have read this blog for any matter of time you may recognize the first picture.  It is a couch similar to the one my Mom gave me.  Unfortunately for me it resides three long states away.  My loss is currently my sister's gain.  When she got married a couple of years ago she took the couch out of storage and has been using it since.  She is getting ready to move into a new house and with this change she is thinking the couch could use some TLC in the form of re-upholstering.

 This is the basic shape and style of the couch.  I still love the green by the way.  While the green and this next pattern are fun, I fear they aren't realistic.  The reality is that re-upholstering a couch is expensive and you are less likely to get sick of a neutral color in a year or two.
 That being said, one of my favorite interior designers, Jenny Komenda, was looking at gray, chocolate and navy's for a new couch so what better place to start?  Here are some fun navy's and grays.

 This one is a velvet.  It looks pretty cosy, but I fear that velvet may be a fleeting trend.  What do you think? 

 The rest of these are linens.  A pretty standard and classic fabric.  

So there you go Chels.  Some sofa inspiration.

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