Friday, April 3, 2009

sunnyside up

I like eggs. I like them over easy, scrambled, in an omelet and in my cookie dough. I am not too particular about how I eat them. My one thing with eggs is that the egg white has to be cooked all the way - no slimy egg whites for me.

My husband also likes eggs. Any way - and he doesn't care if the egg whites are slimy or not. But when he eats his eggs he almost always eats it with ketchup. I think this is gross. I don't know why, but I do. If scrambled eggs have cheese on them they don't need anything else, right? My husband insists that most people eat their eggs with ketchup. That this is not an unusual thing to do.

so. My questions for you.

Do you like eggs?
If so, do you eat them with ketchup?


  1. sometimes yes, but I really like them with Salsa the best.

  2. Nooo Way!!! No eggs...I never liked them.

  3. Eggs without ketchup are like an ice cream sunday without chocolate sauce: still pretty good, but not nearly as good as they could be. Bring on the ketchup!

  4. Yes i love scrambled eggs or omelettes with ketchup yum!

  5. I've had eggs w/ Ketchup and I say no thank you. I like eggs w/ Salsa sometimes. The Incredible Eddible Egg!


  6. As a kid I would eat scrambled eggs with ketchup all the time.. now.. not so much! I'll have to agree with your husband. My uncle used to eat them with grape jelly. The only thing that was cool was it would turn his eggs green.... talk about gross!

  7. I do like eggs...but I'm particular about them, too. Either they have to be scrambled with cheese mixed in, or they have to be fried so completely that there is no yellow yolk ooze. My husband prefers the yellow ooze and always orders them over easy, then puts hot sauce on.

    Neither of us uses ketchup, ha! Though I do put ketchup on hash browns most of the time...

  8. sorry, but i eat them with ketchup too--not always, but it kicks them up a notch!

  9. I love my eggs with ketchup too :) *hehe*
    I actually had the egg ketchup combo last night :P


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