Tuesday, April 7, 2009

travel tuesday: salzburg, austria

Salzburg is a very fun city. Old buildings abound and it is rich with musical history. Mozart, most notably, but it is probably toured more for the Sound of Music sights. I visited Salzburg around March and loved it.

We didn't do any of the Sound of Music tours and big sites, but we did travel up into the mountains above Salzburg where a lot of the filming of lakes and hills were done. It was so beautiful. We hiked around the lakes and saw swans gliding on the water. If you go to Salzburg definitely spend a day in the countryside.

In the town of Salzburg, down a little shopping alley there is a shop that you can't help but notice when strolling by. A shop filled with Easter eggs. Cartons and cartons of Easter eggs. I visited in March and figured they were out for the holidays but apparently they are there year round. The eggs are ornate and beautiful. I can't believe I didn't buy any. If you go to Salzburg and see the Austrian eggs - pick one up for me.

images via flickr and google.

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