Friday, January 28, 2011

friday fun day

Have you seen the "visited states" map? It colors in the states you have been to, you can also do Canadian provinces and Mexican states. Here is my map. I have visited/driven through 41 states, thanks in great part to my Dad's job. What is your favorite state you have visited? Mine might be North Carolina.

Other fun things today include the launch of Matchbook, an online magazine. They have two pages of trivial facts on Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth's sister) like:
"for reasons unknown to the press, the young Margaret's disco-going set of friends called her 'Yvonne'."
The magazine also has some great compilations of fashion staples and new books to check out amongst other things!

And one more thing, 13 weird things that happen at Sundance Film Festival. The Shine has had some great articles lately, this one is no exception.


  1. My map looks so puny compared to yours!

  2. haha, my map tells a story...coasts are covered, but all the states in the middle are blank...

    and the sundance thing is hilarious.


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