Friday, January 21, 2011

the end of the week

I love these yellow, white and green flowers. My little sister is using this color combination for her wedding so I have been pouring over different bouquets for inspiration.

I love this illustration by Ruth Sanderson. I did a guest post about her books on my big sister's blog A Window to the World.

I love the pop of yellow in this blue room.

And I love this old post on My Happy Little Life on the cycles of infertility. I can totally relate. I am all done with my current Doctor and researching and preparing to visit other doctor's around the US. Hopefully I can find one I feel more comfortable with. I have also been reading books and articles on infertility, they have me pondering a diet change to a more wholesome diet. By wholesome I mean more whole grains, fruits and veggies and less meat. I want to try to switch to organic meat at least, I figure I already have problems with the hormones in my body and the hormones they have me give my body, do I really need the hormones from my meat? I think this will take some more research. Anyway, over the next year I am going to see a couple different doctors and clinics to find one that I feel good about before we start IVF.

photos via house beautiful, ruth sanderson, christine olson photography

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