Friday, February 26, 2010

leather couches

Naomi asked me to look for a "living room with a leather couch that looks cool and not like a men's club (not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not what I'm going for). I want something clean, comfy, lovely, and I need decor that will warm it up, you know? I am thinking a fabric chair, a rug that is not the typical oriental rug and window treatments that make it not look like too much leather."

I spent the weekend looking for rooms with leather couches, not as easy as it sounds. I came away with a couple of rules of thumb:
1- Use bright neutral colors on your walls
2- Be careful with using too much leather i.e. only leather

A mixture of light and dark furniture as well as various fabrics and textures.

This is the only one with only leather seating that I chose to include. I think this one works because of the simple and modern lines on the sofas as well as minimal furniture and light colors on the walls and rug.

Yet again there is a mixture of light and dark and textures. Apartment Therapy also has a great post entitled "How to decorate around a leather sofa"

They used primarily light colors here with dark accents but they also didn't use a light colored rug to off-set the wood flooring.

via decor8
The bottom right picture is the one to look at, they have paired leather with fabric chairs and tables with simple lines.

Bright colors found on the walls and the pillows paired with light colors in the rug and walls and a mixture of light and dark furniture.

Any other suggestions for decorating with a leather sofa?

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  1. Cara, this is wonderful! I love the top one and the bottom best. That bottom sofa is just so cool. And that tall mirror on the floor in that room I love too. You hit exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for the help! Now for the shopping . . .


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