Thursday, February 11, 2010


I collect thimbles. It's one of my quirks. It all started on a trip to Tennessee, my sisters both chose to get a commemorative spoon at the store and naturally I wanted to be different, so I picked a thimble to be my memento. 15 years and many trips later I have around 150 thimbles now, many brought back to me by family and friends. I have thimbles from Europe, South America, Africa and of course the US. I now have a set of the American Presidents as well, combining my love for thimbles and politics.

I am really excited today, my brother-in-law is heading up to the Vancouver Olympics and sent an e-mail offering to look for souvenirs for his siblings. My husband asked him to look for a thimble for me, I hope he can find one! That would bring my Olympic thimble total up to 4 (although the three I currently have are all from the same Olympic games).

Although many people give me funny looks when they discover I collect thimbles, I love it. It is so much fun to look for them everywhere I go and to get packages randomly in the mail with a thimble for me from my friends and family.

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