Monday, February 22, 2010

farm sink

via design sponge
My sister and I were discussing farm house sinks the other day. We love the look but question if it will be a passing trend.

via my favorite things
The question is, are farm house sinks here to stay?


  1. my guess is no. but i love them.

  2. I thought I loved them until I was renting a house with one... it was just one big sink. (There was no dishwasher in the house, so I was handwashing all dishes.) I found it very hard to wash the dishes... you stop up the sink, put the soap in, begin washing and rinsing. It never failed before I was 1/2 way done, there was too much water in the sink and I'd have to drain it/add more soap, etc. After that, I know to enjoy them from afar only.

  3. Oh heck yes! They're nothing new! I think they look timeless and wonderful (if you have a dishwasher that is, and I dO!) I plan on putting on in sometime soon. I LOVE them. Great post.


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