Monday, February 8, 2010

city comparison: san diego, ca

via San Diego Concierge
Perfect weather
Close to family
Lots of college and pro sports as well as other cultural opportunities
Everyone wants to visit California!

via Travel Agent Central
Higher cost of living
Lack of seasons
No mountains

via Airport Commuter
Median Property- $323,339
Median Family Income- $70,507
Median Age- 32.7
Population- 1,266,700
Crime Rate- (the national average is 100, the lower, the better)
Personal Crime Risk- 5
Property Crime Risk- 35
Restaurants- 5,898
via money magazine


  1. Love San Diego to visit, the places I would like to live there like Coronado are a little pricey, who needs seasons :) T.

  2. I loved San Diego when I went to visit but I do agree...I would miss mountains and legitimate seasons (like I am missing while I am here in New Orleans)...


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