Wednesday, February 3, 2010

green walls

When my sister bought her new home she inherited a lovely two toned orange kitchen. When my Mom went out to visit last week she could take it no longer and offered to paint the cabinets white, my sister quickly accepted. Now that the kitchen has been downgraded to one orange my sister is ready to take it to the next level- no orange. (It is truly an awful orange). So today we are searching for kitchens with green walls. I am very excited by this idea!

Sage Green via Garden Web

Mustard Green via Garden Web

Lime Green via Creative Concepts and Contracting

Teal via Design to Inspire
With as much light as she has in her kitchen I think she could pull off the teal.

Lighter Green via Design to Inspire

Kelly green via Green Apples
I love this one.

Chalkboard via Design to Inspire
Sure, this one has green, but really it is the chalkboard on the cupboard that I love.

Olive via Design to Inspire

Which do you like?


  1. The kelly green is so bright and cheerful!

  2. Oh I love your kitchen inspirations. The teal and red one are my favorite. My kitchen is red, black and white. I like this twist on it though ;)


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