Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the couch

I know I've talked about my couch before so if you already know this, bear with me. My Mom got new couches for her living room a while back. She offered me the couch that had sat in the living room for 20+ years. It looks almost exactly like this green one but it is cream.

via EmilyStyle
My parents are keeping the couch in a storage space until my husband and I are done with graduate school (much to my Dad's dismay, he tried to get rid of it this week but my sister went to bat for the couch, thank heavens!)

via little green notebook
I am continually throwing ideas around in my head about what kind of fabric to have it recovered in. I love the look of the stripes on this love seat. I think this might be a winner!


  1. that is a great choice. It will look fun and fresh .

  2. I like the strips too. I am afraid with the tufted back that the stripes might get a little wonky though.

  3. i think you might want to paint the legs a lighter color then, although it depends on what the rest of your living room looks like (if that's where you're going to put it). i got a great couch like that for $100 at the thrift store a while ago. it's like new and i love it!


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