Wednesday, March 9, 2011

nursery wall art, part 1

My sister is deciding what to put on the walls of her nursery. A friend of hers will be painting her a picture of her choice and she wants ideas on what the picture should be. While researching this, I came across several pictures of nurseries with children's art on the wall (including one of my nephews room). I love this idea. It is endearing and playful, perfect for a babies room!

via little moth, spearmint baby, Danielle O.


  1. I have vinyl clings from wee gallery- black and white elephants.

  2. In my daughters nursery, I bought all custom canvas, no frames, so glass, so if they fell off the wall they wouldnt hurt her..Liek above the crib and changing table...Rosenberry Rooms Online is amazing!

  3. Very classy and simple. I LOVE IT! Nursery Wall Art Royal Bambino features a large selection of Nursery and Children’s Wall Art, with over 1000 different items by over 36 different designers!


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