Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lighting and giveaway

My bedroom has two bedside lamps. They don't match, but I would like them to. Or at least have them look like they belong in the same room. I started perusing CSN's lighting store because they have every sort of lights options out there. If you would like a chance to win $35 to spend at ANY CSN store leave a comment. Here are some of my favorite bedside lamp options.

My Mom bought a similar Tiffany Lamp for my old bedroom. I was somewhat surprised to find that I absolutely loved it.

This lamp looks like a dream come true. The ability to move the light would be perfect for a bedside lamp!

I like this retro-looking glass lamp.

I love the look of this lamp. Would it work for a bedside table?


  1. My son broke my bedside lamp. I still use it even though the glass is broken and very chipped. I would love to win some again!!!!

  2. I don't need a lamp. But I do need a lampshade . . . .

  3. I vote for option number three.

  4. Actually now that I think about it, we DO need some more giveaway!

  5. Where did you find options no 2 and 4? They are awesome! please can you post the links to where you found them? Thanks...

  6. They are from CSN Lighting


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