Monday, January 4, 2010

city comparison: denver, colorado

In honor of my New Year's Resolution (to decide where we will be moving) I am going to work on my city comparisons! So here's to Denver!

Close to home-driving and flying
Cheap airfare- often less than 100 to fly home
Climate is similar to the one we grew up in and love
Snow skiing is awesome
I remember hearing they were revitalizing the arts in downtown Denver a couple of years ago
Lots of Pro-sports teams

via fast tracks
Winters are still cold, although warmer than Michigan.

Median Property- $178,500
Median Family Income-$60,896

Median Age- 34.8
Crime Rate- (per 1,000)
Personal Crime Risk- 6
Property Crime Risk-38
Restaurants- 4,720

stats via

P.S. My better resolution was the one my husband made for me. Every time I swear I have to put a quarter into the man movie fund, where he gets to pick out which movie we rent/see. I think he will be disappointed, I don't really swear that much.


  1. i like denver. that would be a good choice.

  2. I live in Colorado Springs, so I get to enjoy Denver whenever I want. It is beautiful here and the climate is great! No humidity, mild seasons, no BUGS. Good luck in your search!


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