Monday, January 25, 2010

city comparison: austin, texas

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College town
Cost of living is fairly low
A growing city
Diverse cultural options
City slogans include, "Keep Austin weird"

Only one airline offers non-stop flights to home town
Only major sports offerings is the Longhorns.
Summers are very hot and humid

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Median Property- $215,000
Median Family Income-$71,418

Median Age- 31.5
Crime Rate- (per 1,000)
Personal Crime Risk- 5
Property Crime Risk-61
Restaurants- 2,624

via austin parks and recreation

We have narrowed our list down to 12 cities! It's a good thing we still have a year before we have to make final decisions!


  1. I have to put in a plug for Austin! We visited last year and LOVED it! It is a funky, fun town with lots to do! Hiking, swimming, music, great restaurants, dog friendly (if you are dog people), and a strong LDS community.

    My friends, Madelyn and Cody, live there.

  2. just curious -- why the relocation?
    how exciting to just be able to pick your place!!


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