Tuesday, May 12, 2009

travel tuesday: kentucky

Welcome to the Bluegrass State! I have never been but hope to visit the rolling green hills soon. Kentucky is probably most famous for the Kentucky Derby which occurs on the first Saturday of May every year and was first held in 1935. This year the winner was "Mine that Bird". I hear that to get into the Derby you have to plan far in advance - so you might want to start planning now. Besides the horse race there is a week worth of activities including the Great Balloon Race, the Great Steamboat race and the Pegasus parade.

If Derby week is not for you go visit the horses on a quiet and peaceful week or go on another racing weekend. You can visit the Mary Lincoln Todd House, Cumberland Falls or Mammoth Caves - the world's largest known cave system. Or just drive the winding roads, stroll through the local farmer's market and enjoy the beauty of the rolling green hills.

I think I am going to have to plan a trip there soon myself.

Mammoth Caveand Cumberland Falls

Horse pastures in Lexington (via flickr)

Rolling hills in Lexington and the Mary Lincoln Todd House

Louisville Slugger and Louisville historic Main Street

Great Balloon Race and Great Steamboat Race-

Kentucky Derby

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