Wednesday, February 4, 2009

valentine's presents

I have been planning a valentines present that I think is probably going to fall through, so I though I had better come up with some backups. Let me know if you have any preferences Jackson, IF I pick any of these!

I think Jacks could use one of these for all his electronics. It would certainly make the bedside table look more clean and tidy. He might think this is kind of a boring gift though.

Either of these would be acceptable, but it seems to me that he gets something like this for every gift giving holiday. Kind of getting old, at least for me.

Jackson loves Hagar's Viking Kubb and we have been meaning to get some maps and frame them. I kind of like this one of Florida (he lived there for a while). It could add some pizazz to the whole map concept, but maybe to much?

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