Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I recently heard about this company Lombok, they specialize in eastern inspired pieces, and they have some wonderful things! They don’t have any stores outside of England yet, but I will definitely be signing up for their catalog, if for no other reason than to enjoy and dream about the beauties in its pages.

I love these log baskets, although with as beautiful as they are I think it would be a shame to use them to store logs, blankets and throws are more what I have in mind for these gorgeous baskets.

I have been thinking about getting matching lamps lately, you know to try and rid my home of the mismatched college look, if at all possible. Quite frankly any of these would do, do you think matching lamp shades with different bases would work? Is that even possible to do? I think my favorite lamp shades would have to be the Linen/ramie square shade and the Tussar silk drum shade, one day when I have a fancy house with a fancy front room; I will get a fancy dupioni silk lamp shade for it.

I can see the usefulness of all those plastic laundry baskets, I have two. But wouldn’t it be nice to have beautiful laundry baskets like these that you could keep in your room or bathroom and not have to worry about hiding it when company comes? I think so.

I think these glass oil lamps would be perfect for a summer party, can you imagine how fun they could be? As soon as I have a yard and patio I will be getting some of these, hopefully they will still be in stock in say 3 or 4 years.

I need this mirror (the small sqaureish one), not just want; I am pretty sure I physically need it. It would be absolutely perfect for the jewelry display I am planning for my wall.

I love this lamp base, but I can decide if I like the square base or the round base better...

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  1. sounds like you are feeling "fancy" today. i really like their stuff - I will have to follow your links.


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