Wednesday, December 24, 2008

santa claus, indiana

I thought this was a very appropriate subject manner for Christmas Eve.
Thanks to Courtnee who e-mailed me about Santa Claus, Indiana and told me this, " My grandpa tells the story of how it got its name every time we visit. He said when they first established the village, they could not agree on the name. It happened to be Christmas Eve and a child ran into the meeting and shouted "It's Santa Claus!". They thought it was a sign and so Santa Claus, Indiana was born!"
"Santa Claus, Indiana, was established in 1854. In 1856, when the town was (then known as Santa Fe, pronounced "fay") working to establish a Post Office; the US Postal Service refused their first application as there was already another Santa Fe, Indiana. Several town meetings were held, during which the name Santa Claus was selected.

The town has the world’s only post office to bear the name of Santa Claus. Because of this popular name, the post office receives thousands of letters to Santa from all over the world each year. A group of volunteers known as "Santa’s Elves" ensures each child receives a reply from Santa Claus; this tradition has been around since at least 1914. Every year, the Post Office also creates a special Christmas 'hand cancellation' pictorial postmark for use during the month of December. This practice attracts mail from all over the world wishing to have the official Santa Claus postmark. The pictorial postmark is chosen each year from submissions from art students at the local high school.

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