Wednesday, December 3, 2008

presenting jane austen...kind of

I was wandering around the fiction section of Barnes and Noble last night and I was a little surprised when I saw just how many Jane Austen spin offs there are. Not that I don't like Jane Austen spin offs, I own five or six (some good, some bad, I always prefer the real Jane Austen). There have got to be hundreds though, so here are some for you to enjoy, some good, some bad.

Mr. Darcy presents his Bride or Jane Austen for Dummies?
I really want to know what Jane Austen for Dummies has to say, when I buy a "For Dummies" book it is usually to learn how to juggle or something like that.

Me and Mr. Darcy (I strongly do not recommend, way weird) or you can see Mr. Darcy's thoughts in Mr. Darcy's Diary, do you think Jane is rolling in her grave yet?

I included Mr. Darcy's Daughters because I actually do like this book. If you read I warn you must do so not expecting Jane Austen. They are the best Jane Austen want to be books I have read though. I am currently reading The Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy.

I saved the best for last a Jane Austen Action Figurine. Yes, you can now play Jane Austen alongside GI Joe. A dream come true...

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