Monday, May 5, 2008

House Beautiful

I love the collection of pictures on the wall, they do it in a way that it looks interesting instead of cluttered. I want to be able to do something like this, but quite frankly I won't even try until I can show my Mom and rely on her artistic eye!

I love the table under the wisteria. I think I would feel like I was eating in the Secret Garden. I also loved this idea from Pottery Barn for outdoor dining.

I fell in love this month with House Beautiful. A co-worker received around 50 magazines in the mail from a friend and generously shared them. These pictures are from a seaside cottage (if 11 rooms can be called a cottage) in New York, previously owned by Gloria Vanderbilt. You can read the article and see all the other pictures here.


  1. Okay, hi, this is a bit weird but, I adore Gloria Vanderbilt and the link to more pictures just takes me to a Craig's list thing so, I was wondering if that was a mistake? If so, could you please provide me with the right link because I would love to see the rest of the pictures. Thank you!

  2. Sorry about that, I think I fixed it!


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