Friday, May 2, 2008

Feature Friday 10 One World

What do you make?
-I make organic cotton t-shirts and onesies

What is your favorite thing/piece you have made?
-My favorite, right now, is my one world organic cotton baby onesie.

What are your favorite materials to use?
-I only use organic t-shirts, some are embellished with upcycled denim.

What is your favorite color?
-It changes between green and blue, daily.

One thing you must have in your purse at all times?
-Hand sanitizer. I'm a germ freak!

What is your favorite accessory?
-My wedding ring, it is sooooo beautiful!

Favorite flower?
-The tulip.

One place you dream of visiting?
-Holland, to see those tulips!

If you had $200 to spend where would it go?
-Probably something for one of my three kids.

What inspires you?
-My husband and children!

If you could talk to any artist, living or dead, who would it be?
-All black and white photographers, I love that work

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  1. Thank you so much for this feature! It is a real pleasure to be featured on such a wonderful blog!!!
    -10oneworld or
    -Jennifer in real life


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