Thursday, August 27, 2009

designer bedroom designs

My bedroom needs some detail work done. Mostly in the way of my bed. And organization. I found these designer bedrooms on House Beautiful and pulled out the ones that caught my eye.

For the most part the bed spreads I found were really simple with more elaborate pillows or more elaborate bedspreads with simple pillows. I liked that this one was not only blue and white but broke that "rule."

I liked this one because of the quilt, I have a similar quilt on my bed (it is red and white) I wonder if I should try folding it like this. I would make bed making more simple, always a plus.

Another simple bed spread with a patterned pillow, I liked that this one threw in color in the blanket and the back pillows.

What really caught my eye in this room was the circle frames above the bed.

I liked the different types of pillows on this bed.

So here are my bedding questions, exposed sheets or not? Simple pillows vs. patterned and colorful pillows and only square pillows vs. variety? What do you think?


  1. For me it's got to be no exposed sheets and plain pillow. But then again, patterned ones are nice too. Not much help am I!?

  2. You are absolutely right. Bedroom Interior is the most important part of home decor...

  3. Bedrooms are gorgeous as well as the Interior indeed!looks so chic,airy feeling and understated peaceful rooms, I love all the rooms and the top photo too!The quality of the pieces is outstanding!Nice post. :-)


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