Tuesday, August 4, 2009

brown shoes

My sister is in need of brown or "chocolate" colored shoes to wear to a wedding. Here are my favorite options.

These don't actually come in brown but I love them anyway.

Simple, classic.

I think these might be my favorite. I think they are formal enough but everyone else in the world may not concur.

Another option, these are cheap at 24.99 but like I said the sandals are my favorite.

I picked these solely for the shock factor.


  1. I love that first pair...

    btw i got these for a wedding last fall...i love them! http://www.endless.com/dp/B00165CWNQ/192-4409934-4155450

    too bad i only wore them once...now they sit in my closet :(

  2. oh i love the last ones. of course i would break my neck if i tried to wear them so i'd have to go with the flatties


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