Wednesday, August 12, 2009

brownie pops

Love this brownie pop mold from Sur La Table, it would certainly make shaping brownie pops (not that I have ever made brownie pops) easier.

I also love this pie plate, it makes for a very pretty pie crust.


  1. That brownie pop mold looks so cool, and I would LOVE to have little brownie pops to eat! Thanks for the great find!

  2. That pie plate takes me right back to my childhood, I can just see it with one of my Mum's delicious lemon meringue pies! (Absolutely everything made from scratch, even the lemon curd, she was a star in the kitchen.)

  3. Mmmmm.... brownies.... I think it would be just a tad bit better if the brownie pops used a muffin tin for shaping. A much more appropriate size. :)


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