Thursday, June 4, 2009

white painted fireplaces

My sister (who does Travel Tuesday) is buying a house. A fixer upper. This is her soon to be fireplace and she wanted ideas on how to make it look cute. Here is what I found.

I don't know how expensive it would be to have a wood mantel like this made. Probably very. It looks very nice though.

I like the look of painted walls against the white brick.

I think one of the keys is having the mantel painted white as well. If you keep white walls I think having a large mirror or colorful art piece above the mantel is a must. I think this picture represents the most viable option. I like the brick border around the main brick and the simplicity of the fireplace as a whole.

This one appeals to me for some reason, although I wish it wasn't off center.

So these are the things I think are most important for making the painted white fireplace cute.
#1- Paint the mantel to match
#2- If keeping the wall white paint the wall and fireplace a bright white rather than the dull white it is now.
#3- I think it would be better if the circles could be taken off.
#4- There potentially are wood floors under the carpet, I really hope so because most of these have wood floors and they look really good together.
#5 I would maybe change the tile in front of the fireplace.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that white fireplaces can look good, hope this helps!

photos via House Beautiful, Google Images and Design to Inspire.

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  1. they look nice! the last picture looks very homey and rustic


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