Monday, June 1, 2009


Wallpaper seems to be all the rage these days. I remember my Mom having it (she still has it in some parts of the house) all over when I was growing up. Then she became disillusioned with it. It is messy, expensive and hard to put up and take down. Painting is much easier to change. When I saw these wallpapers on House Beautiful (they have lots of wallpaper slide shows) they reminded me of the wallpaper my Grandma had in her bathroom. It got me to thinking, wallpaper could make a bathroom interesting, it did with my Grandma's and it is generally a small enough room that it wouldn't be as big a hassle.

My question today: What do you think of wallpaper? Would you put it up in your house? Large room or small room if you did?

Wallpapers found on House Beautiful here and here


  1. no wallpaper. it goes out of style very quickly and must be taken down. such a pain.

  2. maybe in some artistic way in a frame so you could get rid of it??


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