Monday, June 29, 2009

how big is to big?

I was looking at a photographer's blog yesterday and they had some darling pictures of a baby but they baby had a massive flower headband on. I am not a fan of this trend of large flowers/bows on babies/little girls, no offense if you are.

For a visual take this flower and put it on a baby and you have perhaps a bit larger than most but the general idea (I did find some this big). This started a quest to see if I could find any headbands with small bows on them, true accessories rather than focal point. I gave up after about 200 pages of searching. Here is the best that I found.

These are actually ones my sister-in-law made for my niece. I think they are darling. Simple. Small.

newborn headbands, again small, simple, sweet.

This was my one exception to the rule (my own personal rule against flower clips) I like the 1920's flapper vibe.

This is my favorite kind of bow. Simple, small, sweet. No headband though thus not ideal for hairless babies. Not what I was looking for but closer.

Some people sell just the headbands. This is a little wide for my liking but at least you can put a bow that is proportionate to a baby on it.

this headband is close to what I had in mind. Still, perhaps the bow is to large?

I came to two conclusions after all of this.
1- It is a good thing I will likely only ever have boys, I am way to particular about this kind of stuff.
2- If you want the small bow headband mix you have to mix and match or make it yourself.

So this brings me to the question of the day. How big is to big for a baby/little girl bow?


  1. I agree, too big and the baby looks swamped. Mine never kept anything in her hair when she was small anyway

  2. I think your totally right! Smaller is better, otherwise your making the poor kid look like they have a pin head in comparison to the bow! Small and sweet is perfect for baby girls :)


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