Tuesday, November 11, 2008

happy veterans day

I copied my sister's post from last year because she is a wonderful writer and this post always bring tears to my eyes. Thank you to my wonderful Grandpa and all the others who have served our country. I love you Grandpa!
"My Grandpa Godfrey served in World War II. It is amazing to hear his stories of sacrifice. When the soldiers would eat their meals,he said that women and children would beg outside of the gate for any extra scraps of food or to offer their services. My Grandpa and a couple of other soldiers paid a woman to wash and iron their clothes. He said that woman was so grateful for the very little money they gave him so that she could feed her children.
When soldiers were sent home at the end of the war they were given a sum of money for their service. My grandpa said that everyone wanted to buy cars and he was no different. He had walked all through Europe and was excited to spend his money to buy a car so he wouldn't have to walk anymore. When he returned from the war, his Dad encouraged him to spend his money on buying some farm land rather than a car. He bought and worked the land. Soldiers were also given, if they wanted it, a half of a barracks. My Grandpa drove on the weekends to the barracks and took out every nail, removed the boards and even the plumbing and drove it back to his farm land in Clarkston where he built a small house on the corner of his land. Because of his hard work and sacrifice, my Grandpa has never had a loan for any house or car in all of his life.
On this Veteran's Day, I am so grateful for my Grandpa - for his love, sacrifice and work ethic."

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  1. What a nice post. It's crazy to think that people of our grandparents' generation saved up thier money to buy things instead of getting into crazy debt. I wish I had that kind of work ethic!


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