Friday, November 14, 2008

feature friday:sugarcube design

Feature Friday is back! Albeit day late... And what an Etsy shop to start with, Sugarcube Design. I love everything in this Etsy shop, but I think my favorite is probably the number gift tags...

What do you make?
I make handmade note cards, envelopes, and gift tags.
What is your favorite thing/piece you have made?
Well, I love making envelopes -- all shapes and sizes. There's a bit of a three-dimensional aspect to it that I really enjoy. I guess my favorites would be the Industrial Numbers envelopes (shown above), because they are so simple and graphic and visually eye-catching.
What are your favorite materials to use?
Paper, of course! I prefer paper that's got a bit of texture to it, or an unusual pattern that you may not have seen before. In an effort to get just the right effect, I've even gone so far as to make my own paper!
What is your favorite color?
I like very saturated colors in general, but I find myself using a lot of acid green. I seem to go back to it again and again.
One thing you must have with you at all times?
My cell phone. Although I absolutely hate being on the phone, I do love that it lets me be in constant contact with my two boys. Wherever they are, I know that they can get in touch with me instantly. It makes it a little easier for me to send them out into the world every day.
What is your favorite accessory?
I have a pair of silver earrings that were given to me as a gift about ten years ago. I put them on whenever I'm feeling a bit blah, and they instantly create this little sparkle around my face that's magical!
Favorite flower?
Sunflowers. They're just so darn proud of themselves! How could you *not* love them?
One place you dream of visiting?
I would love to go to Ireland. The climate and the landscape make it seem like a perfect place to spend a few months curled up with a cup of tea and a few good books.
If you had $200 to spend where would it go?
Ha! I'm a saver, so it would probably go straight into the bank account! But if I had to spend it, I'd probably buy something like a good pair of hiking boots. Then I'd find a bunch of good hiking trails and walk to my heart's content.
What inspires you?
Lots of things. Trees, flowers, leaf shapes, oddball animals, oddball people, unusual color combinations, shadows... lots of things.
If you could talk to person, living or dead, who would it be?
I think I'd like to go back and talk to Benjamin Franklin. He's written so much, but I bet he'd still have a lot left to say!

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