Monday, February 21, 2011

currency wall

My friend Martha, of A Curious Misadventure, is a true traveler. Currently she has 25 different types of currency that she has collected from various countries she has visited. Martha is looking for a way to display them in her home but whatever she does needs to amenable to additions. I couldn't find any pictures of a similar undertaking so I collected some inspiration photos.

I love the idea of incorporating a shadow box in a project like this. She will be displaying primarily the various currencies but a shadow box allows her to put up coins and other travel mementos while adding interest and dimension to the collection.

For the actual currency I would frame most of them, mounting them on a white mat. These two photos are the primary inspiration for adding a shadow box to a grouping of frames.

This is my diagram, all the frames hold only currency (I imagine the different currencies are in a variety of colors) except the largest, which I would put large wood or metal letters or numbers, coins, currency and memorabilia.

via Real Simple and Pottery Barn

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