Monday, February 28, 2011

best of the oscars

I am so glad everyone stepped it up for the Oscar's. There was no shortage of beautiful and interesting dresses, that is for sure.
Hailee Steinfeld looked fantastic and gets bonus points for choosing an age appropriate dress.
Loved Sandra Bullock's red dress, gorgeous.
Cate Blanchett gets an honorable mention since her dress looked awful on TV but it photographed well.
Camila Alves with the best black dress of the night, no question.
I love Hillary Swank's dress but she needed earrings or a necklace or perhaps even a bracelet to go with it. It is the Oscar's after all.
I thought Mandy Moore looked glam.
Rhea Durham had one of the most beautiful and interesting frocks of the night.

Who was your vote for best dressed? Mine is a tie between Sandy and Camila Alves.

photos via Yahoo!


  1. Camila looked incredible, but my favorite was Mila Kunis in Elie Saab!


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