Monday, September 13, 2010

planning meals, again...

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I have been trying out different methods of meal planning. I started with monthly menus, then I went to weekly menus, more recently I have been trying the clear the pantry method. I am moving on to a hybrid option of the monthly planning and the clear the pantry method. Here is my first attempt at the hybrid plan.

September Planned:
BBQ Chicken sandwiches
I have been wanting to try a homemade BBQ sauce but friends tell me homemade can't touch the store bought stuff. Any thoughts on homemade vs. store bought?
Black bean burgers
Chicken Philly's

General clear the pantry options:
Costa Rican rice
Pesto Pasta
Homemade pizza

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  1. i want you to try using Jimmy Lean hamburger substitute. It's amazing


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