Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ellen's kitchen

via US Weekly
I was browsing US Weekly and saw this picture of Ellen Pompeo's kitchen. Gorgeous, don't you think?


  1. The form is there, but where is the function? bending down to get dishes that you use for every meal, does not sound appealing. Plus I have problems with people who don't like kids and it's obvious with this design she never wants children in her kitchen.

  2. oh i love this kitchen! i would for sure cook more if that were mine!!

  3. I have a problem with individuals who make egregious assumptions about peoples preferences based on completely arbitrary things like kitchen design, for example: "it's obvious with this design she never wants children in her kitchen".

    I also have problems with people who think it's their job to care whether an individual wants/likes children.

    I just generally have a problem with people who don't have enough to worry about in their own imperfect (and perhaps bland?) world that they spend their time spewing tasteless and judgmental comments on blogs that are simply looking for the little pleasures life.


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