Wednesday, April 14, 2010

outdoor dining

When my husband and I went to pick out patio furniture a few years back I learned something new. While I really wanted the cute bistro set my husband was right, we wanted something that is comfortable enough to make you want to sit outside for hours to eat and play games. I haven't once regretted choosing comfort over style.

Our set will likely last us a few more years but hopefully the next time around we will be able to pick something that meets both criteria, beautiful and comfortable. I like these options.

via pottery barn
I love this series from Pottery Barn. My only concern would be how well the wood would weather and what the upkeep would be.

via outdoor garden furniture
The great thing about metal furniture is that it won't start to sag or splinter. Put some awesome pillows on it and you are good to go.

via pottery barn
I went through two different lighting strands last year. The first one was solar powered, which admittedly was pretty cool. The problem was it didn't let off much light, so back it went. The second was a strand of bistro lights that I love. I might even see if I can find another strand this year. I love these lights from Pottery Barn, utilitarian and completely fun.

via Martha Stewart
For a little more ambiance I love this idea from Martha. With enough candles you should get enough light and it is gorgeous.

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