Thursday, April 29, 2010

house styles: colonial

A while ago I wrote a couple of posts on different housing styles. Not knowing much about various architectural styles I found it to be difficult and placed it on a back burner. This past semester I took a class on American architectural styles so I decided to pick the series back up.

A true colonial is much more bare bones than most people think. The key to a colonial home is symmetry and a door in the center of the home; wood and brick are what you will commonly see in these homes. The placing of the fireplace was often determined by the locality. Southern colonials often put their fireplaces on the outside of the home to keep the heat out of the center while New England colonials would place them in the center to help heat the house in the winter.

Today most homes that are considered colonial are really a colonial revival, which will often include neoclassical elements (porch and ornamentation around the doors and windows). They often still use brick or siding that looks like wood slats. Colonial revivals often observe the traditional center entrance and the symmetrical windows and rooms.

Next week: Georgian Homes

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