Tuesday, April 27, 2010

kitchen floors

Welcome to my kitchen. Currently I am trying to pick out new flooring for my kitchen, dining area and hallway. I am trying to figure out what will go with my cabinets, the other areas are so neutral that I think anything will work. But these cabinets are not so easy. Here are some inspiration ideas. What do you think, tile (we live in a colder climate, would tile be too cold?) or wood. Light or dark? What is your vote? Advice?

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  1. Definitely like the look of light coloured flooring, the first is my fav. :) T.

  2. I personally wouldn't choose tile in the kitchen because it's so hard to stand on for long periods of time while cooking. Maybe I'm just a wuss, but tile floors hurt my feet after awhile!

  3. If you are in your kitchen cooking for long periods of time (over an hour)...tile is brutal. If you get tile, you will also need to get rubber mats to place in the areas you will be doing most of your standing.

    I vote wood or REAL linoleum (did I spell that right?)

  4. I like the dark wood. I like that dark wood that looks all distressed. Wide plank. And you could always paint your cabinets. I have been seeing people do that everywhere lately. Our friends in SD did it with spray paint and it looked fabulous. But if the wood is dark, I think it would offer enough contrast.

  5. I actually remember my back always hurt after cooking in our old tiled kitchen. But it was very durable and you couldn't ever tell if it was dirty or not. I do love dark wood with light cabinets in kitchens but anything you do will look great I am sure of it!

  6. The way I see you and your personality, for me I think light-colored kitchen floor is the best for you. Not only it will make your kitchen brighter, but light-colored tiles in your home seemed so very inviting to every visitors.

    We have a very big and beautiful home in Brandon. Tile floors are used in every rooms because my kids are always making a mess every time they play inside. Ceramic tile(s) (Tampa) specifically are used in our home because it looks more elegant and stylish than other tiles.


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