Tuesday, January 6, 2009

january dinners

Camilla, I thought of you when I saw this and so in honor of the brie you melted for me I am going to try this. Maybe not as a dinner, more of a dessert.
Last month I tried making falafel from a box. Not so good, if you have a choice between buying falafel from the restaurant and making it from the box, go with the restaurant. The box is mediocre at best, at least the one I tried. This month I am trying falafel from scratch, we will see if this makes a difference. I found this recipe from More than Burnt Toast, which also currently has Marinated Caprese sticks posted, they look delicious.

Kind of a lot of pizza for one month, but my husband does want to start a tradition of making pizza every Friday night. We will start small with two pizzas this month.
I'll use a recipe similar to this one but minus the chorizo, ground beef instead of veal, probably skip the saffron and black olives vs. green. The ones I like to make are a more traditional empanada, but this recipe is very similar.

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