Friday, August 15, 2008

For Tiffany

My good friend Tiffany is pregnant and wants some shoes that will provide her with more support and comfort than flip flops. She asked for suggestions and here is what I found...

I really like these shoes from Land's end and they are called comfort moccasins, so that sounds like it fits the criteria.

These ones are way cute and they look like they will have arch support.

Lands End has orthopedic inserts that will give added support and you can move

These ones look like they will slip on easily and they look very comfortable.

These ones look like they will be more comfortable than your ordinary flip flop but probably not the most ideal!

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  1. wahoo! thanks cara! I am totally going to go have a look around Lands End. by the way, I didn't even realize you had another blog! now I can't wait to keep checking it, I've already gone through all of your wonderful archives!


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