Monday, June 20, 2011

mismatched nightstands

As I have searched for the perfect matching nightstands my vision has altered. First, finding matching nightstands within my budget that are not straight from 1982 is virtually impossible. Second, I could potentially gain some dresser drawer space without buying a massive dresser.

As I have scoured the internet for mismatched nightstands I have come across a couple of rules of thumb.
1- The pieces should be the same height, or close enough that you can't tell when standing back.
2- Use matching lamps when mismatching nightstands. I will also be matching the color by painting them the same.
3- Don't pair a bedside table with legs with a bed frame with legs (like a four-poster).
4- The nightstands should have a similar style to each other.

Here is a compilation of mismatched bedside tables.

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