Monday, June 6, 2011

bedside tables

Before we moved I sold most of our bedroom set. I am holding off on getting a dresser until we move again (in August, we are subletting for the summer). I don't necessarily care that the bedside tables, headboard and dresser come from the same set so long as they look nice together. Since we kept our headboard it is the starting point for the rest of the furniture. I plan to paint the bedside tables and dresser to complement the dark wood of the headboard. Here are some of my ideal bedside table shapes.

Good thing I have nothing better to do all summer than scour craigslist, garage sales and thrift stores! Maybe I should get a part time job at Pottery Barn so I can get the employee discount....


  1. No I am serious! I need something to do!

  2. Where oh where did you find that last bedside table?! I must have it!


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