Tuesday, May 24, 2011

travel tuesday: india with guest blogger martha

Here is a taste of some favorite moments from our adventures around Incredible India. All that can be said is sensory overload! One has to see it to believe it. Visit curiousmisadventure for the full story.
Contrast beach moment, Goa

Gate of India and Taj Palace Hotel, site of the 2009 terrorist attacks.

Dohbi Ghat. The biggest laundro-mat you’ll ever see. Only men working. In Mumbai.

Hand-dyed sari threads.

Sun Temple, 1000 years old.

The Taj Mahal, at Sunset


Home of the magic carpet.

Cows wandering the roads.

The kiddles. My favorite thing to discover.

So much delicious food. And almost always vegetarian! Heaven.


  1. All the pictures are really cool and awesome. I am just amazed to come across this blog. THanks a lot for the post.


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