Wednesday, August 4, 2010

living room vs. family room

via House Beautiful

I have talked to many people who think a separate living room is a waste of space and an outdated custom. Personally, I like the idea of having a room that is always nice, good entertaining space etc. What's your verdict, separate rooms or not?


  1. yes separate! I grew up in a home that actually had three. One formal. One family style. One with a tv. Its amazing how little the tv means to me now in life. I think its because of the lack of daily influence it has on my daily life. We had more rooms to just sit and talk than to sit and zone out.

  2. I loved growing up with a separate room. The living room was the quite room and a great place to go to chill out, read, write, play the piano or make out with your boyfriend....

  3. Definitely separate!I love living rooms there is something so airy feeling and elegant about them or a family living room as well,a nice place to go to chill out,relax and spend talking to your love ones. On the other hand the pillows and sofas looks great! inspiring.wonderful post!


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