Thursday, July 15, 2010

800th post and a giveaway!

I love this style of vanity, with some bright towels and a bigger basket it would be perfect.

The idea of a raised bathroom sink intrigues me. I can't think of one that I have seen in person but the ones I have seen online have stirred my interest.

And to the giveaway....
We have a giveaway courtesy of the lovely vanity store Just Vanities. Enter to win a $40 gift certificate which can be redeemed at any of the 200+ CSN stores.

To enter leave a comment on this post. You can get a bonus entry by becoming a follower of Paperwhite. The winner will be announced on Wednesday July 21st. Good luck!


  1. Wow, Cara, 800 posts! What an accomplishment!

  2. Happy 800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I am new,I have like 20 post and 14 followers. I would love to win. CSN is awesome!

  3. Congrats! 800 seems totally daunting-i.e. huge accomplishment!

  4. 800 is a heck of a lot. Congrats! I would love to win!


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