Tuesday, June 15, 2010

denim quilt

via jelly wares
From Martha:
"I'm going to make a denim quilt. I've been searching for inspiration on the internet, but I'm not finding anything that cool. Have you in your quests ever come across a good one?"

Here is the best of what I have found...

via Daily Dabbler
This drawing is almost a pattern. They didn't have a picture of the finished quilt but you get the idea.

via soft star shoes
I don't particularly like the trim or the back on this one but the denim part is interesting.

via purl bee
This one is my favorite. They used some khaki's and corduroy to accent the denim.


  1. I'm currently working on a falling Jenga block tower denim quilt. Creating the pattern is taking me a lot of time.

  2. oh this great! it's funny that you did a post about this because i'm just starting up a quilt project myself. (i'll be doing a post on it soon)


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