Tuesday, June 1, 2010

colorful trim

Tiffany is moving to rental house with painted trim:
The house we're renting has white walls and dark green trim- it's actually really pretty, very English looking, but hard to decorate!

via shelter pop
When I first read Tiffany's e-mail I was taken aback, why would anyone paint the trim any color that isn't white? When I started to look into it I changed my mind. Painted trim can look awesome, particularly against a white wall. I found Shelter Pop's article on decorating with painted trim helpful.

via apartment therapy
The key seems to be in using colors similar to the trim color throughout the room. For instance, the chairs in this room tie in with the trim. I also like how they used a bright red to add interest to the room.

via apartment therapy
Another example of using a similar color in the picture mats and the flowers.


  1. I love colored trim however if it's already painted, I would guess that it is probably the wrong color. :)

  2. oooh love the inspiration photos- thanks cara!


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